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Field and Post-harvest Technologies

Forward thinking technologies

Greenoy develops and brings to market innovative solutions and products for the cut flower and fruit industries.

We constantly strive to identify those issues that the industry needs resolving and challenge our R&D to find the most viable solution to these problems.
Our strength lies in the unique combination of vision and theoretical knowhow, coupled with a dynamic hands-on and practical approach to problem solving. This allows us a high level of flexibility and the ability to deliver products within shorter lead times.

We adopt an eclectic approach to our development philosophy often combining solutions from different orientations into our research. The purpose of this is to always challenge ourselves to try new methods and ideas.

Some of these ideas, once evolved, become an integral and underlying part of our product offering. Some such technologies include:

  • A technology platform for the extended storage of cut flowers and fruit

  • A patented polymer technology affording significant attributes in the fresh keeping of flowers and fruit

  • Modified Atmosphere Packaging uniquely adapted to each product

  • Various formulation mixtures designed to significantly reduce the chemical footprint of our products

  • 100% botanical solutions for a more sustainable environment

Technology Platform

A technology platform for the extended storage of cut flowers and fruit

One of our unique developments is our technology platform for the extended storage and fresh keeping of cut flowers and fruit. This technology is based on our patented coating formula which creates a barrier between the flower / fruit and its immediate environment, thus affording the flower / fruit various levels of protection.

The platform is further enhanced by our ability to incorporate different active ingredients to the formulation, whether synthetic or natural, thereby allowing us to target specific challenges encountered in both field and post-harvest environments. These challenges range from effectively providing the flower / fruit with nutrients and energy required to maintain quality and fresh keeping through to crop protection and disease control. The active ingredients incorporated are flower / fruit specific.

This technology platform allows us to deliver versatile solutions to an ever-evolving market.

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