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Together For Fresher Products

Greenoy Ltd. specializes in the development and marketing of unique and innovative solutions for the cut flower and fruit industries. Our goal is to provide you with products, solutions and methods that will increase your marketable yield and will allow you to bring to market a better and fresher product.

We started as a company solely dedicated to the cut flower industry. The Company was established based on a clear mission: to bring to market a solution and method enabling the effective extended storage of cut flowers. The main concept behind this mission was (and still is) to allow the industry to transport all cut flowers by sea rather than by air, including the most sensitive of varieties. Following several years of extensive R&D and field testing we were successful in commercializing a solution that does just that.
We have since then brought to market additional products with the aim of addressing the specific needs of the cut flower industry. One such product is our solution for the control of Botrytis Cinerea. A dip / spray solution that successfully inhibits the onset and development of Botrytis Cinerea in cut flowers.

We have recently also entered into the fresh fruit market. In order to cater to this market, we have developed a 100% natural solution. This solution is safe to use on fruit (with peel) and is designed to maintain your product fresh and disease free. We are proud to be able to include products with a significantly low chemical footprint in our offering. 
The industry has never been as competitive as it is today. We understand the challenges we all face, and we work diligently to help find the right solutions that will assist us all in maintaining a more sustainable industry.

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