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Citrus Fruit

Disease Control

Citrus is an important fruit crop worldwide, especially in tropical and subtropical regions around the world.  There are various problems affecting citrus fruits but none more damaging than disease.  Citrus is susceptible to many diseases caused by different pathogens with Green Mold being the most important affecting yield, quality, and loss of product and resulting in huge economic losses.

The mass application of fungicides is still the main control method of citrus Green Mold and has been regarded as the standard procedure for controlling this pathogen in many citrus-producing areas for decades. However, fungicide resistance and health / environmental risks resulting from the use of synthetic fungicides are generating increasing concern. Therefore, developing alternatives for controlling citrus Green Mold is today a necessity.

Greenoy’s solution is a combination of natural active ingredients coupled with our proprietary coating solution. This combination enhances the efficacy of the active ingredients while providing additional protection by creating a “barrier” between the fruit and the environment. ​The solution is suitable for use in both field and post-harvest environments and can be applied as a spray or as a dip/wash.

Product benefits include:

  • Natural solution based on a mixture of safe actives

  • Coating formula providing additional protection

  • Proven results in significantly reducing the effects of Green Mold

  • Reduced transpiration and evaporation rates

  • Does not leave residue

  • No applicable MRLs

  • Simple to use and available as both dip / spray

Citrus Fruit

Storage &

Fresh Keeping

The quality of your fruit begins deteriorating from the moment of harvest. In addition, your fruit will typically have a long and rough voyage until they reach their destination thus further impacting quality. It is therefore crucial to assist them on their journey by providing them the optimal post-harvest treatment; one that will offer adequate resources and protection while in transit and ensure they arrive fresh and marketable.

Greenoy’s solution for the storage and fresh keeping of Citrus fruit is essentially a 2-step process including:

STEP 1: dipping / spraying the fruit with Greenoy’s special combination treatment that separates the fruit from its immediate environment (by using a proprietary barrier technology) while at the same protecting the fruit from the stress associated with extended travel.

STEP 2: depending on the expected transit time for your fruit, packing the fruit in a specially designed modified atmosphere bag that assists in reducing evaporation rates and providing optimal O₂ and CO₂ levels. Needed primarily in instances with longer transit times.

This 2-step approach enables the storage of Citrus fruit for extended periods and provides the following benefits:

  • Reduces evaporation rates and weight loss

  • Maintains quality and extends shelf life

  • Based on natural ingredients with low chemical footprint

  • Significantly reduces product loss

  • Combats disease and reduces cross contamination                           

  • Allows extension of seasons and access to new markets

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