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Boost the Quality of your Cut Flowers

Post-harvest treatment for Premium flowers

A post-harvest treatment designed to make your harvested flowers more resilient and maintain their vitality from farm to market. Combining Greenoy's post-harvest hydration treatment with our proprietary flower coating formula will make your flowers look better and last longer. The solution will assist in preventing some of the main problems leading to loss of product. These include dehydration, bent neck, limp flowers, uniform opening and disease mitigation. This unique treatment will extend the shelf life of your flowers and allow you to bring to market a higher value and higher quality product.

Solution benefits include:

  • Extends the vase life of your flowers

  • Reduces evaporation rates

  • Enhanced product quality and uniform opening

  • Protects the flower by creating a barrier between the flower and its immediate environment

  • Leaves no residues and/or odor

  • Keeps foliage amazingly fresh

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