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Storage & Transport

For Post-harvest Environments

Greenoy’s unique and patented solutions successfully prolong the storage time of cut flowers.

Our breakthrough technology consists of a dipping solution for the treatment of the flower soon after harvest enabling the storage of cut flowers for 30 days.

Together with our special modified atmosphere packaging, the technology substantially prolongs the commercial life of the flower after harvest; all the while maintaining the its' natural attributes.

There are multiple ways in which you organization can benefit from the storage of flowers. Whether you are a Grower, a Wholesaler or a Retailer, you will find a business model that will positively contribute to your business. Whether storing locally on the farm, at the point of distribution or on sea, your business can benefit from the extended storage of flowers.

Here are some examples of how our storage and transport applications can work for you:

  • Store&Sell

  • Store&Stock

  • Store&Sail (Sea Freight)

Storage Applications


Maybe the most intuitive of the Greenoy applications, Store&Sell is all about storing cut flowers and bringing them to market at the most opportune moment. The obvious example of this would be to store flowers before Holiday peaks thereby selling MORE flowers at BETTER prices; or storing flowers to avoid market lows, thereby avoiding the painful throwing away of flowers.

Solution benefits include:

  • Sell more flowers during market peaks

  • More revenue at higher margins

  • Avoid the pitfalls of market lows

  • Always deliver your committed quantities


Our long-term storage solution offers the first-ever industry solution allowing to manage a 4-week rolling stock of flowers. Growers and Marketers of cut flowers can now better manage supply and demand and better meet market needs.


Solution benefits include:

  • Manage stock (“Buffer”) to meet market needs

  • First-ever technology allowing rolling stock of cut flowers

  • Reduce need to source from 3rd parties

  • Minimize the effect of production-related difficulties

Store&Sail (Sea Freight)

The Greenoy solutions enable the successful transportation of Roses and other flowers by sea freight; thereby significantly reducing the cost of transportation.


Solution benefits include:

  • Successful transport by Sea

  • Significant reduction in freight costs

  • Reduction of lost produce

  • A “greener” alternative to air freight

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