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Fruit Varieties

Field, Post-Harvest and Storage Solutions

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Our Solutions

Disease Control

A very large amount of fruit is wasted and thrown away because of disease. The unfortunate reality is that crop diseases reduce yields to levels that are no longer sustainable.

Greenoy brings to market a plant-based bio-fungicide for the treatment of a broad spectrum of pathogens affecting various fruit. This natural solution adopts a double-action approach to disease control by combining various natural active ingredients together with our patented coating technology. This combination enhances the efficacy of the plant extract while providing additional protection by creating a “barrier” between the fruit and its environment.​

This dual action approach is highly efficient in both field and post-harvest environments.

Storage & Fresh Keeping

The quality of your fruit begins deteriorating from the moment of harvest. In addition, your fruit will typically have a long and rough voyage until they reach their destination thus further impacting quality. It is crucial to provide them with the optimal post-harvest treatment; one that will offer them adequate resources and protection while in transit and ensure they arrive fresh and marketable.Greenoy offers a set of products that assure the safe passage of your fruit. Our solutions range from different dipping, washing and spray applications to smart packaging solutions specifically designed to extend the shelf life of your fruit.Our products are based on natural ingredients and are fruit specific.

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